Trackhouse Racing entry ‘one of many things’ MotoGP needs to increase US visibility

Nascar team to assume Aprilia satellite operation previously ran by RNF Racing from 2024.
  • Dorna denied RNF Racing entry for 2024
  • Team made ‘repeated infractions and breaches of the participation agreement’

MotoGP has confirmed the addition of Nascar team Trackhouse Racing to the 2024 grid.

Reports emerged last week that the US-based outfit co-owned by rapper Pitbull was in talks to assume the Aprilia satellite operation run by RNF Racing.

Subsequently, commercial rights holder Dorna confirmed that RNF Racing would not be permitted entry to MotoGP in 2024 due to ‘repeated infractions and breaches of the participation agreement’.

The dispute appeared to be centred around the team’s majority shareholder CryptoData, with an issue concerning title sponsorship fees for this year’s Austrian Grand Prix ongoing.

Now, Trackhouse Racing will join the MotoGP grid, representing one of the world’s largest markets at a time when US expansion is the focus for the global motorcycling series.

“[The addition of a US team] is one of many things we need to do to increase the visibility of the sport in the US,” Dorna’s chief commercial officer Dan Rossomondo told BlackBook Motorsport.

“All the pieces are important and we need to execute on all fronts, including marketing, PR, events and digital media.”

Indeed, Trackhouse as a company, which describes itself as ‘a sports and entertainment brand rooted in racing’, is a particularly interesting link-up for MotoGP.

“There is definitely room to collaborate [with Trackhouse],” explained Rossomondo. “The most popular properties have an ability to transcend sport and penetrate the culture.

“We never want to forget that we are racing and it’s what we do and what makes us special. We hope to find the right balance and bring more entertainment into what we do.”

Justin Marks, Trackhouse Racing founder and owner, added: “Trackhouse has worked from day one to recognise unique and compelling motorsport opportunities and being able to expand to a global series like MotoGP is a massive step in scaling the company.

“We believe deeply in the mission of Dorna and are committed to bringing something new and exciting to the championship while working hard to help grow and amplify this amazing sport to millions of new fans in North America and beyond.”