Rodin Cars confirms unsuccessful F1 application

Company says it would have guaranteed seat on grid for female driver.

Rodin Cars has confirmed that its Formula One application has proved unsuccessful with the International Automobile Federation (FIA).


  • Statement suggests Andretti Global will be only successful applicant
  • Team would have reserved one seat for a female driver
  • Ferrari had been lined up as a close collaborator
  • Rodin Cars was aiming to be the only manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere


Rodin Cars ‘fully respect and accept the outcome’ of this decision, but it is clear from the tone of the press release that there are issues under the surface. The company’s investment in the Carlin racing team, which competes in Formula Two and Formula Three, was a clear indication of its intention to expand into Formula One, but this existing junior structure proved futile in convincing the FIA.

The statement is also clear that any future team would have guaranteed a seat for a female driver, going as far as to say there would be ‘no hesitation’ in putting Jamie Chadwick in the car. This kind of representation also doesn’t appear to have been enough for the FIA. The statement goes further and calls out ‘recent applicants’ that are not financially equipped for Formula One, unlike Rodin Cars’ backing from Australian millionaire David Dicker.


Rodin Cars’ statement read: ‘Unfortunately, our bid was not successful. This statement is intended to provide insight into the key points of our bid that we believe justified its merit. We wish to emphasise that our objective here is not to criticise the FIA or seek a reconsideration of its decision. We fully respect and accept the outcome.’

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Rumours have long suggested that Andretti Global would be the only successful Formula One applicant and this statement appears to confirm it. Andretti Global may have achieved what no other applicant has managed, but this is just the first hurdle on the path towards a spot in Formula One. The teams and Formula One itself will need to approve the move, something that looks difficult in light of the constant opposition from Stefano Domenicali, the series’ chief executive.

This news also seemingly extinguishs any hope of Asia-based hopeful LKY Sunz joining the grid, which recently announced US$1 billion funding for its potential entry in an apparent bid to convince the FIA to reconsider its decision.

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