Nascar planning four-day production turnaround on finale of new docuseries

Unscripted ‘Race for the Championship’ tells story of 2022 season as it's happening.
  • Episode covering Xfinity 500 to air ahead of Championship Race in Phoenix
  • Ten-episode docuseries being premiered on 1st September and will broadcast weekly

Nascar’s production team are planning to turnaround the final episode of the new ‘Race for the Championship’ docuseries in just four days in order to preview the Cup Series championship finale.

The ten-episode series is airing weekly on NBC's USA Network, tracking the entire 2022 Nascar Cup Series campaign and catching up with the season in real time before its championship finale.

Speaking to the Charlotte Observer, Nascar’s managing director of entertainment marketing Matt Summers revealed the ambitious plans for production and why it is being scheduled as such.

“We started shooting this in January. Over the next ten weeks, the TV series ‘Race for the Championship’ will catch up in real time to the Cup Series schedule,” said Summers.

“So the last episode will air right before our championship race, covering the race that had happened four days before on Sunday, and it’ll be a literal cliff-hanger that sets up the championship race on NBC.

“So that schedule, as it gets tighter and tighter from a production standpoint, is ambitious. But it just really increases the relevancy of the storytelling that we’re doing.”


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