McLaren F1 team and Deloitte sign partnership extension

Multi-year deal to continue collaboration on sustainability initiatives.

The McLaren Formula One team have signed a sustainability-focused contract extension with Deloitte.


  • Multi-year deal shifts focus to circularity, the concept of eliminating waste, as well as maximising resources through reuse and recycling
  • Two parties will also look to leverage GreenSpace Tech by Deloitte
  • Services firm will seek to connect McLaren with technologies and ecosystems that can help accelerate the team's decarbonisation efforts

Context: The partnership, which began in 2020, has previously focused on capturing and analysing data to optimise car performance, while also applying digital twin simulation to help inform race day decision-making.

Comment: Matt Dennington, executive director for partnerships and accelerator at McLaren Racing, said: “In Formula One we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to make a positive impact on the fight against climate change. Our ambitions with Deloitte will push for tangible innovation in circularity, finding solutions that can make our team, sport and the wider world, more sustainable.”

Coming next: McLaren Racing’s wider goals, including their pursuit of net zero emmisions, will be assisted by this extension. Steps have already been made as outlined in the team’s recently released sustainability report, with highlights including a 22 per cent reduction in GHG emissions against the 2019 baseline and a nine per cent reduction in air freight emissions due to a greater focus on sea freight.

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