F1 Arcade announces Washington DC as next US venue

Mid-2024 launch will follow first venue at Boston Seaport.

F1 Arcade, the series' experiential entertainment venue ventures, will open its second US venue in Washington DC.


  • Venue planned to open in summer 2024
  • Follows the opening of the first US venue at Boston Seaport in early 2024


Formula One is planning to open 20 of these venues across the US in the next five years, having secured UK£30 million (US$37.7 million) worth of investment to aid in its global expansion plans. The flagship venue in London, which opened in November last year, received over 100,000 visitors by May 2023.


Stefano Domenicali, president and chief executive of Formula One, said: “Formula One is enjoying significant growth globally, and we are constantly innovating to ensure that we are bringing the highest quality of sport and entertainment to new and diverse audiences.

“F1 Arcade does exactly this by putting our fans behind the wheel of bespoke racing simulators, so they can feel the thrill of an F1 car first hand, coupled with a premium hospitality offering to match our world-renowned paddock.

“The success of the London venue so far has been incredible, and we are excited to see the F1 Arcade project continue to grow as it hits the US, starting in Boston.”

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F1 Arcade plans to open more than 30 locations globally by the end of 2027, so expect to see more announcements in the near future, with a specific focus on US expansion.

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