Extreme E collaborates with Allcot to offset emissions

St. Helena Active Offsetting Pilot Programme will look to offset emissions from series' floating HQ in real time.

Extreme E and specialist firm Allcot have announced a collaboration to offset emissions from the St. Helena, the series’ floating headquarters.


  • St. Helena Active Offsetting Pilot Programme will look to reduce emissions from the ship in real time
  • Report will provide information on the St. Helena’s carbon footprint, the number of carbon credits retired, and details about the selected carbon project associated with this initiative


The active offsetting process involves collecting daily fuel consumption from St. Helena which is converted in Co2e – carbon emission equivalent. Using the daily carbon footprint data, the corresponding precise amount of carbon credits required for compensation will be instantly calculated. These credits are then automatically retired via a blockchain platform, leaving an immutable record of each transaction on the blockchain ledger. Extreme E recently renewed its partnership with Allcot.


Alejandro Agag, founder and chief executive of Extreme E, said: “As a championship which aims to raise awareness of the climate crisis, we are conscious of our own impact on the environmental health of our planet. This initiative launched by Allcot is a significant one, especially as it is to be implemented aboard our race-travelling vessel, the St. Helena, and will be able to monitor its carbon footprint in real time.”

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The pilot programme will commence when the ship travels from Sardinia to Chile after this weekend’s event. It will run until the end of the year, with the objective of starting again for the first round of next season.

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