WRC and EA Sports to launch new gaming title

Producer secured license with purchase of Codemasters in 2020 and will launch first game in November.

The World Rally Championship (WRC) will see the launch of its first video game published under the EA Sports banner in November.


  • Official launch on 3rd November
  • EA Sports secured WRC license with purchase of Codemasters in 2020


This will be the 17th title in the run of official WRC games, with the series having been released annually since 2015. It was most recently developed by French game development studio Kylotonn. 


Ross Gowing, senior creative director at Codemasters, said: “EA Sports WRC is the purest form of motorsport where every stage is a fight against the clock, the terrain, and yourself. This is the rally game we’ve always wanted to make, combining our studio’s deep knowledge and expertise with the power of the official WRC license representing the pinnacle of rally motorsport.

“The game’s new engine has enabled us to push rally to the edge of what’s deemed possible, and the additional features, including Builder and Moments, give players even more ways to interact with the sport they love.”

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Despite having a deep catalogue of sports video games, EA Sports has not had much of an impact in the world of motorsport. Through the purchase of Codemasters, the developer also secured the Formula One license, and it has already published two Formula One titles under its banner.

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