Red Bull F1 agree three-year Ansys extension

Company's technology to improve aerodynamics, manage material data, and ensure structural safety of team's cars.
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The Red Bull Formula One team have agreed a three-year contract extension with software developer Ansys.


  • Collaboration extended until the end of the 2026 season
  • Ansys’ predictive technology will be used to optimise aerodynamics and downforce
  • Company will also evaluate different materials to produce a more reliable car


As Red Bull topped the championship last year, the team was allotted 4,200 hours of testing – 300 hours less than the second-placed team – for car upgrades throughout the Formula One season or to develop next year’s car. Ansys’ technology can offset this lost time through predictive simulations.


“Ansys simulation software helped Oracle Red Bull Racing quickly adapt to the new F1 design guidelines last year and positioned us to maintain our technical leadership in a dramatically altered engineering landscape,” said Craig Skinner, chief designer at Red Bull.

“To stay ahead of the curve, we need tools that adapt to changing regulations. Ansys is flexible and keeps pace with industry needs, and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership and utilising enhanced offerings like Ansys Granta MI AI+, which will boost our material insights and help us develop the fastest and most reliable cars possible.”

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Following a dominant win at the opening race of the season, Red Bull will be looking to continue their winning streak at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on 9th March.

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