Report: Porsche F1 entry hits stumbling block

Doubts cast over powertrain link-up with Red Bull.
  • Porsche is looking for a 50% stake in Red Bull
  • Honda considering series return in 2026
  • Fellow Volkswagen-owned brand Audi now confirmed for F1 entry

Porsche’s expected entry to Formula One has been thrown into doubt as reports have emerged that Red Bull Racing are considering other options.

German news outlet Auto Motor und Sport (AMuS) has reported that Red Bull is now questioning giving 50 per cent control to Volkswagen-owned brand.

While Red Bull co-owner Dietrich Mateschitz has given his blessing to the proposed partnership, advisor Helmut Marko, team principal Christian Horner and technical director Adrian Newey are reportedly angling for greater independence.

“Obviously, we’re pushing ahead with Red Bull Powertrains,” Horner told Autosport.

“We have plenty of time and, of course, strategically, we will have to do what’s right for the team and for the company.

“Obviously, that’s between the shareholders. And there’s constructive discussions, ongoing discussions obviously, with Porsche.”

Autosport has also reported that Porsche’s name will be on the engine in name only, with only a small number of Porsche engineers transferring to the Red Bull Powertrains facility.

Crucially, it is this facility that has led Red Bull to consider their options. Having the capacity to produce their own engines means they do not need the partnership as much as Porsche.

Rumours have also surfaced that Honda is considering a full return to the series once the new regulations are introduced in 2026.

Last month, Red Bull and Honda confirmed their technical partnership would be extended to the end of the 2025 season, setting to the two parties up well to continue into the new era.

Further reports from Autosport suggest that Red Bull would prefer to stick with Honda long term, rather than move towards a partnership with the Stuttgart-based brand.

When asked by Autosport if Red Bull might stay with Honda, Horner said: “I think that for 2026, nothing is fixed. I mean, obviously, Red Bull Powertrains is established, we have more than 300 people recruited. So that is our path.”

Fellow Volkswagen-owned Audi has already confirmed its 2026 plans, with the company set to be integrated with Sauber as early as 2024 and supplying power units in time for the new regulations.

Porsche has no backup plan for creating its own power unit if this deal with Red Bull falls through, so any potential alternative would be achieved through badging the Audi engine.


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