Nascar benefits from Extreme Networks technology deployment

Five US tracks to benefit from high-capacity Wi-Fi for up to 125,000 fans simultaneously.

The US-based Nascar stock car series has seen five of its tracks upgraded with high capacity WiFi thanks to Extreme Networks.


  • WiFi 6 allows up to 125,000 fans to enjoy connectivity simultaneously
  • Darlington, Daytona, Martinsville, Richmond and Talladega all benefit
  • Daytona receives largest WiFi 6 deployment in US history

Context: WiFi 6 is a generational shift in wireless communications and is viewed as a complementary technology to 5G, boosting speeds, enhancing capacity, and lowering latency. This guarantees a higher degree of performance and reliability, especially in networks where multiple devices are competing for bandwidth. Extreme Networks has rolled out this technology before, although not necessarily at the same scale, at Old Trafford, home of English soccer team Manchester United, and the National Hockey League (NHL).

Comment: John Martin, vice president of media and event technology at Nascar, said: “With Extreme, we are changing the way fans experience the race. These five racetracks now have a network that can support adding more amenities for fans like in-seat concessions ordering, and our venue IT teams have confidence that they can easily monitor everything happening over the network so we can make real-time adjustments and ensure a seamless experience for everyone using a WiFi device.”

Coming next: Extreme's technology will also help Nascar venues to track network activity and performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to improve operational efficiencies. It will also aid Nascar with improving fan experiences, especially with mobile payments, digital ticketing and updated contactless point-of-sales systems.

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