Study: MotoGP needs to do more to attract new fans

Dorna and Motorsport Network data reveals global motorcycling series is drawing more female fans.
  • More than 82% of fans surveyed have followed MotoGP for at least six years
  • One third of female fans have been watching for less than five years
  • More than 82% watch 15 or more races each season

MotoGP and Motorsport Network have announced the findings from their largest ever global fan survey, with analysis from specialist firm Nielsen Sports.

The results revealed that more than 82 per cent of fans have followed the motorcycling series for at least six years, the highest of any series studied in Motorsport Network’s programme of surveys. Furthermore, more than 82 per cent of fans watch a minimum of 15 races each season.

The survey was conducted in 14 languages across the platforms and received feedback from 109,676 fans in 179 countries.

The findings also showed that MotoGP is attracting new female fans, a third of whom have been following the sport for less than five years.

Female respondents were also younger than their male counterparts, with 56 per cent of female fans aged 16 to 34, compared to just 40 per cent for male fans. However, 66 per cent of respondents believe MotoGP needs to do more to attract new fans.

The European audience dominated the total responses to the survey, with 65 per cent coming from Italy, France, the UK and Spain. Asia had 19 per cent of responses and 13 per cent were from the Americas.

More than 65 per cent of fans in the Europe and Asia-Pacific regions have been following MotoGP for more than ten years. This number rises to 80 per cent for the last six years or more.

Additionally, 40 per cent of those surveyed have attended a MotoGP race in the past five years, while 24 per cent have travelled to a race outside their home country.

On the broadcasting front, 90 per cent of fans prefer TV as the platform of choice for live races, with more than 60 per cent viewing TV coverage over the race weekend.

Usage of the official MotoGP app from fans is at 41 per cent worldwide, increasing to 57 per cent in the Americas.

During a race weekend, Instagram is the series’ most used social media platform, driven by particularly high usage (more than 75 per cent) among female fans and those aged 16 to 24.

“We are proud to see fans are so positive about our racing, and they support the important initiatives we already have underway, such as the beginning of our new global era of zero carbon fuels in 2027,” said Carmelo Ezpeleta, chief executive of MotoGP promoter Dorna Sports.

“We are also delighted to see such committed interest from key demographics, such as the increasing – and dedicated – female fanbase for MotoGP.

“We aim to open the doors to our sport as wide as possible, on track with the Road to MotoGP programme and off track as we continue our mission to grow the sport across all audiences and countries around the world.

“We’re especially happy because the results show clear potential and give us targets we can use to define our next steps as we aim to make the sport even bigger. Everything we’ve learned will be invaluable in the decisions and directions we take going forward.”


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