McLaren Racing announces climate contribution programme

Programme aimed at accelerating removal of excess carbon dioxide from atmosphere and scaling climate solutions.

McLaren Racing has announced a climate contribution programme in support of the team’s target to reach net zero by 2040.


  • Programme aimed at accelerating the removal of excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and scaling climate solutions
  • McLaren Racing partners with three organisations that address the impacts of climate change


McLaren Racing has been making various strides in sustainability, with a main focus to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by researching the development of a fully circular Formula One car. This was partially realised when McLaren trialled recycled carbon fibre on its cars at the United States Grand Prix, while chief executive Zak Brown has also called for more financial flexibility to make further steps in sustainability.


Zak Brown, chief executive of McLaren Racing, said: “Sustainability is an absolute business priority for McLaren and we have made some great progress over the last couple of years, including a 22 per cent cut in emissions and a 19 per cent waste reduction in 2022 alone. But we need to go further to help us achieve our ambitious goals.

“So, we are excited to team up with these three organisations to remove emissions from the atmosphere, raise awareness of the important work they do, and in the case of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation apply our specific know how and high-performance expertise to help optimise their processes and drive impact at scale.”

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McLaren will partner with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, an Australian non-profit focused on scaling solutions that restore and enhance the resilience of coral reefs and ocean habitats; Mombak, an organisation based in Brazil working to rebuild the Amazon rainforest; and Undo, a world-leading carbon dioxide removal project.

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