Haas F1 team deny Haas Automation involvement in Russia

PBS report accuses US manufacturer of continuing trade with Russia despite sanctions.

The Haas Formula One team have denied that Haas Automation has provided machines and parts to Russia following a report by PBS.

The report from US public broadcaster PBS detailed accusations from the Economic Security Council of Ukraine that Haas Automation continued to supply Russian weapons manufacturers despite the current US export and sanctions regulations.

In response, Haas have stated their parent company has always been in full compliance with US government export control and that no machines have shipped from the Haas Automation factory to Russia since 3rd March 2022.

The article alleged that RATEP, a weapons manufacturer in Russia, is currently producing anti-aircraft weapons using equipment produced by Haas Automation. The company terminated its relationship with its sole distributor in Russia and Belarus, Abamet Management, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to the Formula One team's statement.

The statement also details that the 18 machines referenced in the PBS report left the Haas Automation factory prior to the Russian invasion.

As the parent company of the Haas Formula One team, any repercussions would have a direct impact on the cashflow of the team. While the new MoneyGram title sponsorship is reportedly worth US$20 million a year, Haas is still looking to save money, including having a reduced pit wall for 2023, which will save the team around US$250,000 this season.

This is not the US team's first Russian controversy, following an ill-fated sponsorship pact with Uralkali. Last year, the potash fertiliser producer requested a US$13 million refund, along with US$8.6 million in compensation, following the early termination of the deal, something Haas rejected.

Formula One also terminated its US$53 million contract with the Russian Grand Prix in response to the war.


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