F1 leases Las Vegas Sphere and confirms weekend content

Exterior LED screen to display in-race content and branding advertisements.

Formula One has leased the Las Vegas Sphere and confirmed its plans for content throughout race weekend.


  • The exterior LED screen will display content such as driver cards and driver helmets
  • In-race content including real-time pole position and custom podium graphics will also be featured
  • F1 has also sold plenty of advertising space to Las Vegas Grand Prix partners


The Exosphere – the largest LED screen in the world – will display Formula One content throughout the weekend, but the main positive from this move is the opportunity for the series to drive revenue through advertising spots. Partnerships with American Express, Aristocrat, Aston Martin, Body Armor, Google Chrome, Heineken, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Mercedes Benz, Netflix, Paramount+, Pirelli, Puma, Salesforce, T-Mobile, and Virgin Hotels will be visible on the Sphere during the event.


Emily Prazer, chief commercial officer for Las Vegas Grand Prix, said: “Sphere’s Exosphere doesn't just complement the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, it elevates it to new heights, turning every lap into a mesmerising experience for fans in attendance and watching on TV globally.

“Picture real-time pole positions, thrilling podium celebrations, and a dynamic showcase of all 20 drivers and their iconic cars displayed larger-than-life. We are excited to have Sphere at the heart of race weekend.”

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The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix takes place this weekend, breaking from tradition by happening on a Saturday. The race gets underway at 10pm local time on 18th November.

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