Alfa Romeo F1 team extend Edelweiss deal

Swiss-based team's airline supplier agrees one-year extension.

The Alfa Romeo Formula One team have extended their contract with Swiss airline company Edelweiss for a further year.


  • Third consecutive season as airline supplier
  • Edelweiss will fly the team to and from the majority of races in the 2023 season
  • Company logo will be displayed on the floorline of the Alfa Romeo cars

Context: Edelweiss first joined Alfa Romeo as airline supplier in 2021, and this one-year extension represents the third consecutive year in which the airline company holds the position with the team.

Comment: Alessandro Alunni Bravi, team representative of Alfa Romeo, said: “As Switzerland’s leading leisure airline, Edelweiss puts great focus on ensuring their passengers enjoy the best possible experience aboard their flights, while proudly representing Swiss quality and efficiency around the world. Edelweiss is keen on following a socially and environmentally responsible conduct – a vision that resonates with that of Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake and of the Sauber Group altogether.”

Coming next: Edeweiss will support Alfa Romeo with the team's travel to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which gets underway on 17th March.

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