SponsorPulse Insight | Need to know consumer insights on W Series

SponsorPulse outlines four need-to-know consumer insights about how fans are interacting with W Series in comparison to Formula One.

In just three years since its inaugural 2019 season, the W Series is picking up speed, rightfully garnering a national audience on par with Formula One. 

With the spotlight on motorsport shining brighter, the W Series provides a great opportunity for brands looking to connect with an engaged audience.

Here’s everything you need to know about how fans are engaging with the W Series compared to Formula One: 

Engagement is on-par with Formula One

Although still in its relative infancy, the all-women series has drawn an audience comparable to that of Formula One, with more than 66 million US residents between the ages of 13-64 having interacted with the series in the past 12 months.

That's equivalent to 32 per cent of the US population having watched a race (on TV or in person), followed it socially, bought or worn merch, betted on it, or recommended it to others. 

When compared to Formula One, there is only a two per cent difference between engagement, with 34 per cent of US residents engaging with Formula One in a similar way.

The W Series crowd base is predominantly male

Drilling into fan demographics, the W Series and Formula One share a similar audience base.

US males between the ages of 25-39 represent the largest segment of engaged fans at 54 per cent, followed by 45 per cent of US males between the ages of 19-24. 

As a whole, engagement among males is almost double compared to females, with 41 per cent of US males being engaged compared to 24 per cent of US women.

As the series continues to grow awareness outside of the racing fan community, it will be interesting to see how engagement demographics shift in years to come, especially in light of the recently announced broadcast deal with ESPN

Interest and excitement are growing, but are still outpaced by Formula One

Comparing growing interest and consumer excitement between W Series and Formula One shows there is room for growth. Of those who’ve engaged, eight per cent state that they expect their interest will grow over the next year, while 14 per cent state they are excited about the W Series.

These figures are almost two times higher among engaged Formula One audiences. Just imagine what continued investment and greater awareness could do to boost momentum for the W Series. 

Opportunity is high for current and future sponsors

Understanding the motivations and brand affinities of W-Series fans is the first step to understanding what business opportunities exist for potential sponsors.

Using the SponsorPulse Opportunity Score, which measures behavior, emotion, and impact scores, we can highlight the greatest sponsorship opportunities based on brand usage. 

A look at the data, brands spanning finance, travel, and automotive stand to gain the most from a potential partnership. 

Leveraging data to guide decision making

At SponsorPulse, we’re bringing transparency to sponsorship by providing our users with actionable insights about the sponsorship space. Sports. Music. Entertainment. Lifestyle. Cause. 

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