Report: F1 demands Las Vegas venues pay ‘US$1.5k per head’ for unrestricted view

Restaurant or club with 1,500 seats would pay US$2.25 million.

Formula One is demanding that Las Vegas venues pay US$1,500 per head for an unrestricted view of the Grand Prix later this year, according to the New York Post.


  • Restaurant or clubs with 1,500 seats would have to pay US$2.25 million
  • If they do not comply, Formula One has warned that barricades, stands and light stanchions will be installed to obstruct the view

Context: There is a lot riding on the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, especially due to the amount already invested in the race. The series is targeting US$500 million in revenue, but Formula One has already spent over US$500 million on setup costs. Chasing these additional funds from local venues is an expected consequence of Formula One attempting to ensure that it capitalises on this investment.

Comment: A proposal seen by the New York Post said: ‘Las Vegas Grand Prix will use reasonable efforts to maintain sightedness from licensee’s venue to the track/race. The license fee will equal the maximum occupancy of licensee’s venue (per fire code) multiplied by US$1,500.’

Coming next: The Las Vegas Grand Prix will make its debut on the Formula One calendar on 18th November.

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