Nascar taps Mixhalo for fan audio experience

Fans will be able to access live audio through Nascar Tracks app on their phones.

US stock car racing series Nascar has partnered with Mixhalo to offer fans an immersive audio experience through their smartphones.


  • The new audio feature to be available at select races towards the end of the 2023 season
  • Fans in the stands will be able to access audio channels through their phones on the Nascar Tracks app
  • Previously, fans had to use dedicated scanner headsets for audio purposes

Context: Nascar is the first motorsports organisation to adopt the technology which allows fans access to in-ear audio experiences using their mobile phones and headphones. Fans will be able to listen in on communication among drivers, crew chiefs, spotters and officials during races.

Comment: John Vars, chief executive of Mixhalo, said: “At Mixhalo, we have always looked to Nascar as a trailblazer – they have long validated that fans at live events want the same complimentary audio experiences they can have at home.

“Nascar has been delivering that and more with their RE scanners. It is a privilege for us to now partner with Nascar to take their grandstand experience to the next level.”

Coming next: While it has not been confirmed at which races this technology will be rolled out, it is safe to assume that Nascar will target the six circuits which it recently upgraded with high capacity WiFi. Daytona, for example, received the largest WiFi 6 deployment in US history, something that would greatly simplify the rollout of this new feature.

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