Iowa Speedway records largest IndyCar crowd ever

Circuit first appeared on IndyCar schedule in 2007.

IndyCar saw its highest attendance in its nearly two-decade run at Iowa Speedway.


  • IndyCar circuits rarely announce official attendances, but the circuit confirmed the achievement
  • Stars like Carrie Underwood and Ed Sheeran performed during the weekend
  • Track access and a pitstop challenge also attracted spectators

Context: While IndyCar still has some way to go to attract the level of fans currently being achieved by Formula One, the series is certainly heading in the right direction. The recent ‘100 Days to Indy’ docuseries went some way to attracting new fans to the series, with three million people having tuned in, over 50 per cent of which had never watched an IndyCar race before.

Comment: Bud Denker, president of the Penske Corporation, told daily local newspaper the Des Moines Register: “We’ve raced here for a couple decades now. It’s always been terrific racing and we draw 10,000 to 15,000 people a race, which is a good crowd. But to get to the next level, you had to do something different. And that difference was what Hy-Vee added to the party regarding the entertainment.”

Coming next: IndyCar will see if it can keep up its momentum at the next round. Normally chaotic, the Nashville Street Circuit hosts the series on 6th August.

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