IndyCar to deliver improved broadcast audio through Iris Audio partnership

Clarity software to remove all background noise from digital communications.

IndyCar will deliver improved broadcast audio through a partnership with Iris Audio Technologies.


  • Iris Clarity technology to remove all background noise from digital communications
  • Technology will improve driver’s radio transmissions across TV, the IndyCar app, and social media channels

Context: IndyCar is making clear its efforts to improve the way it is delivered to fans. The season began with a significant increase in the marketing budget, which among other things produced the six-part ‘100 Days to Indy’ docuseries. IMS Productions, the company behind producing the IndyCar broadcast, will hope the improved radio transmissions can improve the overall live offering.

Comment: Kevin Sublette, president of IMS Productions, said: “We are focused on getting viewers closer to the action, and there is nothing like listening in to the driver and pit crew audio to understand how a race is unfolding. With Iris Clarity, we are able to do just that by removing the background noise and getting clearer audio from the drivers and race teams.

“We have been working to perfect the implementation since the start of this season and gave our partnership the green light after a successful weekend at the recent Indy 500.”

Consequence: This will be welcome news for regular viewers of IndyCar broadcasts, as the radio transmissions from drivers are grainy and distorted at the best of times. The series will be hoping that it can move in the direction of the comparably clear radio messages on Formula One live broadcasts.

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