Gresini Racing embrace crypto with fan-focused sponsorship packages

Packages grant access to various paddock experiences and range in price from €125 to €10k.
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Gresini Racing have launched a sponsorship programme for fans to buy packages with the MotoGP team.


  • Initiative is in collaboration with MotoGP Guru and Animoca Brands’ subsidiary SportPass
  • Fans can purchase sponsorship packages with the team for as little as €125 (US$136)


There are various tiers to the sponsorship options, with the entry-level packages valued between €125 (US$136) and €350 (US$380) offering the chance to win paddock experiences, such as hospitality, access to the team garage, and pit lane tours.

For full access to the available options, fans must pay for the top two tiers of the programme, valued at €3,500 (US$3,804) and €10,000 (US$10,868). This guarantees the full range of paddock experiences each weekend, as well as giving fans the chance to feature their names on the team bikes at rounds they attend.


Carlo Merlini, commercial and marketing director of Gresini Racing, said: “We have always had an incredibly loyal fan base not only of the team but the many riders who have achieved success in our championship projects.

“We could not be happier to be the first team to ever allow actual fans to become sponsors and make this available globally. We look forward to innovating and engaging in new and exciting ways.”

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MotoGP’s next race is the Dutch Grand Prix at Assen, taking place from 28th to 30th June.

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