Extreme E teams up with Siemens for Extreme H launch

German tech company's GeoPura solution will provide input on hydrogen-powered car.

All-electric off-road SUV championship Extreme E has partnered with Siemens and GeoPura ahead of the launch of the Extreme H series.


  • Siemens and GeoPura will provide consultancy expertise in the development of the new hydrogen-powered Extreme H car
  • Deal covers delivery of industrial software and technical consultancy services to both Extreme E and Extreme H

Context: Siemens is a minority investor in the GeoPura solution, which uses renewable energy, normally solar PV or wind, to create hydrogen for use as a fuel. This agreement will be separate to the deal signed with Enowa, the energy, water and hydrogen subsidiary of Neom, the Saudi Arabian smart city, which is targeted at powering on-site operations and infrastructure at each race location.

Comment: Alejandro Agag, founder and chief executive of Extreme E, said: “Our new partnership with Siemens and GeoPura is an important milestone as we edge closer to launching Extreme H, which will be a world-first for motorsport, and widening our hydrogen initiatives.

“Hydrogen is a key pillar for the future of the automotive industry and, as a series which was designed to be a testbed for innovation and solutions for mobility, collaborating with such experienced businesses to develop the most innovative hydrogen solution possible is a significant step.”

Coming next: Extreme H is the next phase of Extreme E’s journey. The Extreme H car will retain the same powertrain and chassis used in Extreme E, with the two championships co-existing. The key differentiating factor in Extreme H will be the hydrogen fuel cell that replaces the battery as the principal energy source.

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