Aston Martin F1 pen ServiceNow partnership

Intelligent platform partner to streamline team’s new technology campus.

Aston Martin Formula One team have agreed a deal with ServiceNow.


  • Digital workflow company to streamline operations at the team’s technology campus
  • Branding will be visible on the cars from the Las Vegas Grand Prix


ServiceNow’s brief is focused on automating Aston Martin’s IT and facilities requests, streamlining employee experiences on a single platform, and enhancing the team’s reporting and dashboard capabilities.


Jefferson Slack, managing director for commercial and marketing at Aston Martin, said: “We are hugely excited to be welcoming ServiceNow to the team. We are looking forward to the opportunity to use ServiceNow's IT capabilities and integrate the ServiceNow platform throughout our operations. There are a number of incredible opportunities to showcase the two global brands together as our partnership takes further shape into the 2024 F1 season.”

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Aston Martin’s next race, at which ServiceNow branding will be visible for the first time, is at the Las Vegas Grand Prix on 18th November.

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