SponsorPulse Insight | Who is creating more value for sponsors, Red Bull or Mercedes?

SponsorPulse explores how the rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes extends beyond the Formula One track.

With Red Bull Racing's inherently faster car, this season's constructors' standings are not nearly as close as they were in 2021.

However, while Red Bull may be outpacing Mercedes to the tune of 174 points, the results for sponsors tell a different story.

SponsorPulse spoke to US consumers who have engaged with both teams in the last year to find out the associated benefits that brands receive from parnering with either team. Here's what it found:

Sponsorship outcomes are tight

Honda leads in sponsor awareness, with 72 per cent of US residents who have engaged with Red Bull Racing stating that they are aware of the partnership.

In close proximity, 70 per cent of US residents who have engaged with Mercedes are aware of sponsor Monster Energy.

On average, those engaged with Red Bull Racing have slightly higher sponsor awareness at 45 per cent, compared to Mercedes at 44 per cent.

When it comes to sponsor impact, however, 44 per cent of those engaged with Mercedes are more likely to purchase a product or service of a brand sponsor, compared to 42 per cent for Red Bull Racing.

CashApp stormed the scene during the 2021 season

With 56 per cent of engaged Red Bull Racing fans aware of the partnership with CashApp, the new sponsor lands itself as the 3rd most recognised partner.

The fintech (financial technology) company is well above the sponsor awareness average, along with Honda, Puma, and T Mobile.

Puma takes second among among both Red Bull and Mercedes engaged

Puma is making a name for itself as a team sponsor of both Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. Although, the former has agreed a deal to be supplied by Castore from the start of next season.

Engaged fans of both teams cited the athleticwear brand as one of the top sponsors. 61 per cent of Red Bull Racing's engaged fans are aware of the partnership, while it's 62 per cent of those engaged with Mercedes.

Measure the impact of your sponsorship investments

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