Racer’s Stateside View | Are you a champion of motorsports?

Racer's latest survey asked its audience whether they are advocates of motorsport. The responses hinted at the strong affinity fans have for motorsport and how it is weaved into lives.

In a prior Racer research survey, we asked our audience what are the elements and attributes of motorsport that make them a fan.

From a love of cars and technology to driver admiration and the thrill of competition, respondents made clear that their passion for the sport may be highly nuanced, but it also runs quite deep.

Our current survey asks the question: 'Are you a champion of motorsports?' In other words, how much do audience members use their high engagement with the sport to advocate for and support its existence.

In all, 2,600 respondents completed the survey between 17th and 21st September.

Results of the survey clearly demonstrate that fan advocacy and support run strong across a variety of areas. What is more, when analysing the data from those within the 18 to 44 year old segment, we find only negligible differences in the individual data points, and no difference between the younger segment and the overall group in terms of overall answer ranking. Clearly, whether young or old, race fans are in lockstep with respect to the ways they embrace the sport.

Broadly, the survey results show that motorsport fans have a wide network of friends and family who share their passion (57 per cent have five or more); are enthusiastic about discussing the sport among non-fans (56 per cent do so occasionally); use motorsport as a justifier for their auto-related purchases (87 per cent) and as a basis for their advice on automotive matters among their peers (55 per cent).

In addition, 59 per cent say that their own affinity for brands involved in motorsports is enough to justify their automotive-related purchases. Unsurprisingly, that leads to 86 per cent believing that motorsports is an effective way for an automotive brand to improve their image.

For a copy of the full survey report, please email research@racer.com.