Create your own private label Mount Veeder, Napa Valley Cab

Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards offers you the intimate experience of creating a barrel's worth (24 cases) of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from the exclusive Mount Veeder Appellation with your private label.

Imagine sitting around a table with family and friends sharing a banquet of food and wine.  Someone comments on the intense brambly flavor and unique spiciness of the wine.  Everyone agrees that the wine pairs very well with the meal and that it is extremely full-bodied – nothing like wines they have tasted before.

Someone picks up the bottle and studies it as if it were a piece of art, spinning it, so as not to miss one detail.  They mention that they are not familiar with the label. You tell them that it is from a small premium appellation in the Napa Valley, Mt. Veeder and that Mount Veeder grapes are not readily available to the consumer. Then you tell them that it is Your boutique wine…Your private label.

  • Each year we produce less than 25 barrels of custom boutique Cabernet Sauvignon, masterfully crafted by one of Napa Valley's finest winemakers, Jeff Fontanella. Our low yield and highly concentrated fruit is estate grown, hand farmed, hand picked, hand crafted, and hand labeled. This is a once in a lifetime experience that is on every wine lover's bucket list.
  • Access small-batch premium grapes that are highly sought after and not available to the general public.
  • Go behind the scenes at Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards with private tours, barrel tastings, farming & harvest updates, and personal attention every step of the way.
  • Finished product is 288 bottles (24 cases) of ultra-premium Mount Veeder Cab with your custom label.

“Your wine making experience with Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards is all about you

Your wine making experience with Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards is all about you.  You are continuously asked to give your time, name and energy to various activities – both business and personal. When was the last time someone took care of you?

I like to tell my clients that my boots are dirty.  I personally take you from grape to bottle. I am involved in every step of the process – from farming to bottling.  

Throughout the season, I work with our vineyard management company to make farming decisions based on the needs of the vines each year. 

I also work closely with our Wine Maker, Jeff Fontanella during the wine making process to ensure that the flavor profile is representative of that vintage.

During harvest, I manage our crew as they hand pick our grapes.  I follow the truck to the winery where the grapes are crushed, pressed and put into tanks to ferment, and later barreled.    

Throughout the aging process, I work with our wine making team as the wine is racked regularly, sampling with Jeff after fermentation.  The finished product is ultra premium Cabernet Sauvignon that is true to the Mount Veeder Appellation – distinctive, ultra –premium classic dark cherry and cassis with hints of mocha.

At bottling, I over see the process, ensuring that corks and capsules are inserted and applied to our standards.  

From there, we hand label every bottle of your wine, then carefully pack it and ship it to your home(s).

I guarantee a truly personal once-in-a-lifetime experience. Please call or email me any time.  I will be happy to give you further details and start your bespoken wine making adventure.

For more information on Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards email Karen. Alternatively, call on (866.750.2091 – USA) or (707.486.6448 – Mobile)



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