Hookit’s Social Report | 2020, Part Five – A performance update on the top series, teams and brands

Hookit, the Black Book's official data partner, reveals who in motorsport was winning on social during the months of March and August, throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and into racing's return.

From chequered flag to Green Flag, who is benefitting the most from their motorsport partnerships through the pandemic and in the restart of racing?                                    

Hookit, the Black Book's official data partner, has examined all motorsports during the period of 15th March 2020, just after the coronavirus pandemic shut down most sports globally, through 15th August when most series had restarted racing. Here's what we found…


  • Energy drink brands lead the way with over US$60 million in combined value from across all motorsports, including drivers, riders, teams, and series.     
  • Only two car manufacturers made the top ten brands – Mercedes (fifth) and McLaren (tenth).  
Top ten motorsport brands by value  Value received
Red Bull US$33.75 million
Monster Energy US$27.2 million
Petronas US$22.52 million
Pirelli US$14.35 milllion
Mercedes-Benz US$14.35 million
Alpinestars US$11.28 million
DHL US$9.6 million
Emirates US$8.42 million
Rolex US$8.33 million
McLaren US$8.05 million

When you breakdown the top brands in each series – including value recieved from drivers, teams, and the series accounts – patterns also start to emerge:

  • Red Bull and/or Monster Energy make an appearance in three of the five series, leading the sponsorship value received from Formula One, MotoGP, and Supercross.
  • Toyota and Petronas were the only two other brands to be among the top five across multiple series. This indicates that while Monster and Red Bull are invested heavily across a large swatch of motorsports, most brands target a specific series to focus their partnership and activation efforts on.
Top five Formula One brands Top five MotoGP brands Top five Formula E brands Top five Nascar brands

Top five Supercross brands

Red Bull Monster Energy Peugeot Toyota Monster Energy

Red Bull

ABB Group Coca-Cola Toyota
Mercedes-Benz Petronas DHL FedEx

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

Pirelli Alpinestars Unicef M&Ms Kawasaki
Emirates Repsol Allianz Busch Beer GoPro


When we look at top series by value generated, Formula One dominates all others:                               

  • Formula One as a series drove three and a half times more value than any other series (series accounts only) and its teams accounted for seven of the top ten teams by value generated.
  • Joe Gibbs Racing (Nascar), Movistar Yamaha (MotoGP), and Stewart Haas Racing (Nascar) were the only three non-Formula One teams to generate more than US$1 million in sponsorship value during the time period examined.
Top five series by total value generated Value generated
Formula One US$143.57 million
MotoGP US$31.21 million
Formula E US$24.58 million
Nascar US$8.8 million
Supercross US$6.14 million


Top 15 teams by total value generated Series Value generated
Mercedes Formula One US$11.64 million
Red Bull Formula One US$10.53 million
Ferrari Formula One US$4.9 million
Joe Gibbs Racing Nascar US$4.53 million
McLaren Formula One US$3.46 million
Renault Formula One US$3.22 million
Williams Formula One US$2.51 million
Movistar Yamaha MotoGP US$1.32 million
Alpha Tauri Formula One US$1.3 million
Stewart-Haas Racing Nascar US$1.02 million
Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC US$840,000
Hendrick Motorsports Nascar US$700,000
Red Bull/KTM MotoGP US$690,000
Alfa Romeo Formula One US$680,000
Racing Point Formula One US$660,000


In terms of the value generated for sponsors by the top 25 drivers and riders there was perhaps a surprising name at the top of the list:

  • Ken Block, a major partner of Monster Energy and Ford, known for his rally racing videos is nearly always among the top five drivers when looking at social sponsorship value. His posts generated more engagement than any driver or rider except Lewis Hamilton
  • Surprisingly, unlike the series and team rankings, Formula one drivers did not dominate the top drivers/riders list, with only two of the top ten by sponsorship value generated coming from the global motorsport series
  • While all top 25 drivers/riders are male, the top female is Hailie Deegan, an up-and-coming stock car/truck racer in the Nascar development pipeline                                                   

Top 25 drivers/riders by total value generated

Series Value generated
Ken Block Rally US$5.21 million
Lewis Hamilton Formula One US$3.39 million
Dean Wilson Supercross US$3.07 million
Graham Jarvis Extreme Enduro US$2.58 million
James Deane Formula Drift US$2.52 million
Travis Pastrana Nitro Circus US$2.19 million
Vaughn Gittin Jr Formula Drift US$2.09 million
Max Verstappen Formula One US$1.78 million
Axell Hodges Motocross US$1.71 million
Oliver Solberg WRC US$1.67 million
Lando Norris Formula One US$1.66 million
Carlos Sainz Formula One US$1.46 million
Daniel Ricciardo Formula One US$1.33 million
Kyle Busch Nascar US$1.2 million
Valentino Rossi MotoGP US$1.19 million
Bubba Wallace Jr Nascar US$1.14 million
Joey Logano Nascar US$1.07 million
Fernando Alonso Formula One US$980,000
Marc Marquez MotoGP US$950,000
Valtteri Bottas Formula One US$740,000
Fabio Quartararo MotoGP US$730,000
Maverick Vinales MotoGP US$710,000
Michael Whiddett Formula Drift US$650,000
Denny Hamlin Nascar US$610,000
Ken Roczen Motocross US$600,000

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