Hookit’s Motorsport Insight | How different sectors of motorsport engage with fans

BlackBook's official data partner analyses how different motorsport series, teams, and drivers are engaging with fans in 2022.

Kore Software is the proud social data insights partner of BlackBook Motorsport. In this month’s review, we’ve looked at the top performing series, teams, drivers and riders, and partnerships across the motorsports ecosystem so far this year.  

Looking back at the first five months of 2022, Formula One continues to lead the world of motorsports on social media.

Among the top ten entities by fan engagement from 1st January to 25th May, seven were from Formula One, including the series-owned accounts and six teams. MotoGP, Nascar, and Supercross were also in the top ten.

It’s a similar story in terms of sponsorship value generated, with Formula One leading all entities and organisations across motorsports, and seven Formula One teams in the top ten.

MotoGP and Supercross stayed in the top 10, while Nascar ranked 12th by sponsorship value AAV.

Below are the top ten series and events, teams, and drivers/riders so far this year, ranked by total fan engagement on their posts on social media. 


Top Partnerships in Motorsports 

Many of the brands receiving the highest total value are partners involved in Formula One. However, to correct for the difference in volume of followers across entities, an important metric to look at is AAV per follower, or in this case, AAV per 1,000 followers.

This metric looks at how well a specific driver, rider, or organiSation promotes their brand partners while removing the acceleration factor of having significantly more followers.

Two partnerships have generated over US$1,000 AAV per 1,000 followers: Haas Formula One promoting namesake Haas Automation and the Miami Grand Prix promoting title sponsor Crypto.com.

The top nine partnerships have all generated at least $500 AAV per 1,000 followers of the entity promoting the brand. Here’s a look at the top partnerships across motorsports when follower counts are removed from the equation. 

Again, Formula One entities have a strong showing in this list, indicating that they benefit from having a large following, but they also do well at driving high fan engagement with interesting content and position their brand partners well within that content.  

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