Hookit’s Motorsport Insight | Increased fan engagement in 2022

BlackBook's official data partner analyses how F1 is seeing increased fan engagement through the first three races in the 2022 season.

Kore Software is the proud social data insights partner of BlackBook Motorsport. In this month’s review, we’ve looked at the start of motorsports’ largest series on social media, Formula One, and how the races, drivers, teams, and series are engaging fans.

Through 20th April, Formula One has completed its first three scheduled races in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Combined, these three races have seen an increase of 39 per cent higher fan engagement than the first three races to start the 2021 campaign. Here’s a look at the high level social media metrics on posts by the drivers, teams, and the series so far this season.


When it comes to top performers on social media, results on the track matter, but aren’t directly correlated with which drivers get the most fan engagement. Only two drivers outside the top ten in driver standings after the first three races are in the top ten drivers by fan engagement on social media. Here are the top ten drivers on social media at this point in the season.

Similar to the drivers, performance on the track is a good indicator of how a team ranks on social media, but not an exact predictor. The top four teams in the standings after three races are the top four teams by fan engagement, though shuffled. However, the Aston Martin Formula One team, 10th in the standings, is 5th by social media fan engagement. One part of the Aston Martin team’s success on social media is their excellent use of video views, driving more video views per team follower than any other team in the series. 


Cumulatively, the constructor and sponsor brands have received US$215 million in sponsorship value AAV from 1st February to 20th April 2022. This is a 38 per cent increase in sponsorship value generated for brands compared to the same time period in 2021. Constructor brands have captured 39 per cent of the AAV so far this season and 61 per cent (US$131 million) has been generated for sponsors. Among the top 20 brands by AAV received (shown below), 12 of the 20 are either Formula One official sponsors or title partners of one of the Formula One teams.

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