Hookit’s Motorsport Insights | Ranking Nascar’s social stars from the 2020 season

Hookit, the BlackBook's official data partner, looks into the performance of Nascar, its teams and drivers during the 2020 season.

As Nascar nears the end of its season with the Championship event at Phoenix Raceway, Hookit went under the hood of the US stock car racing series, its teams and drivers for this month's data deep dive.

The data analysts looked at social accounts across all platforms from 37 drivers, 19 teams, and the series itself. Below are the findings.


  • Overall, since 1st February, Nascar, its teams and drivers have generated more than US$41 million in sponsorship value for brands. 
  • As is the case with most motorsport series, the rights holder's accounts dominate when it comes to sponsorship value creation. 42 per cent of the total value has come from the series itself, with teams and drivers evenly split in generating the other 58 per cent.

Playoffs vs non-playoff qualifiers

  • Though less than half the drivers qualified for the playoffs, the drivers (and their teams) in the playoffs accounted for 81 per cent of the total value generated throughout the season
  • Unsurprisingly, fans flock to the best. Playoff drivers average nearly two times the number of followers compared to the drivers that did not qualify for the playoffs. Similarly, teams with drivers in the playoffs outpaced teams whose drivers did not make the playoffs by an average of exceeding four times the number of followers.
  • When it comes to promoting brands, playoff drivers promoted brands in 37 per cent more posts and drove three times the value for the brands in those posts compared to drivers that did not make the playoffs.
Driver name Social followers # of posts Total social engagement # of branded posts Total sponsorship value
Denny Hamlin 1,107,195 498 1,347,849 307 US$1,788,887.15
Martin Treux 821,970 483 1,299,399 404 US$697,810.33
Joey Logano 917,650 1,037 1,840,075 762 US$1,209,550.86
Kevin Harvick 1,938,271 450 1,434,572 311 US$756,736.77
Chase Elliott 1,581,005 211 1,543,280 101 US$268,031.30
Brad Keselowski 1,060,933 744 1,587,397 359 US$402,702.60
Kurt Busch 762,952 537 1,408,140 379 US$445,603.22
Alex Bowman 297,182 494 1,141,320 212 US$218,585.34
  • Of the remaining playoff drivers, Kevin Harvick has the most followers while Joey Logano has the most posts and total interactions (likes, comments, and shares).
  • Logano also has posted the most about brands and has generated the second most value for brands, behind Denny Hamlin who has generated US$1.8 million for brands in sponsorship value. That is fifth most of all entities across the series, including teams and the series accounts.
  • The only driver that has generated more sponsorship value for brands than Denny Hamlin is Kyle Bush, who also made the playoffs.
  • Stewart Haas Racing, Hendrick Motorsports and Team Penske, each with two drivers in the playoffs, are ranked second to fourth in terms of sponsorship value.

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