Hookit’s Motorsport Insights | What is motorsport’s place in the Top 50 Most Marketed Brands?

Hookit, the BlackBook's official data partner, reveals how motorsport got on in SportsPro's newly launched brands ranking.

This month, we take a look at how the world of motorsports has played into the ranking of the Top 50 Most Marketed Brands.

For details on how the top 50 Brands were ranked, covering data gathered from 1st August 2019 to 1st August 2020, Hookit explained the methodology in detail.

  • Overall, motorsports generated US$950 million worth of sponsorship value, 14 per cent of the total from all sports. The only sport that contributed a higher percentage of value was soccer at 42 per cent (US$2.9 billion).
  • More than 2,500 motorsports entities contributed to this value, including series, teams, drivers, and riders. The average value per promoter within motorsports was US$350,000, higher than the average among all sports of US$240,000.
  • Every brand except one in the top 20 of the Top 50 Most Marketed Brands is heavily invested in sponsorships within motorsports and/or soccer.
  • The Top 50 Most Marketed Brands received US$430 million in value from motorsports. Thus, nearly 43 per cent of value generated by all motorsports properties was generated for a top 50 brand.
  • Seven of the top ten brands by value in motorsports are in the Top 50 Most Marketed Brands. 
Brand name Sponsorship value from motorsports Top 50 Most Marketed Brands rank
Red Bull US$84.2 million 6
Monster Energy US$62.9 million 5
Repsol US$37.3 million 31
Alpinestars US$37 milllion 27
Petronas US$36.5 million 30
Mercedes-Benz US$29.1 million 21
Pirelli US$23.8 million 36
McLaren US$17.9 million Not in top 50
Yamaha US$16.6 million Not in top 50
Ferrari US$16.6 million Not in top 50

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