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BlackBook's official data partner outlines how Shell V-Power Racing achieves real-time asset tracking and data transparency across their organisation with Kore Software.

Dick Johnson Racing (DJR) of Shell V-Power Racing have been using Kore’s Activate product to organise their partnership information, specifically assets, into one source-of-truth to create more time for strategy and achieve data transparency across their organisation.

With Activate, they can view all their data in one place and make better decisions accordingly. This gives them a competitive edge as they can now deliver on every asset and respond more quickly to changes in contracts.

Additionally, this allows them to be more transparent with their partners, which enhances trust within partnerships. Ultimately, Kore is helping DJR become a more efficient and successful team. 

Scattered partner and supplier information

As a newly formed commercial partnership team, DJR faced challenges because there was no clear source-of-truth for all their partner and supplier information.

Data was spread out across multiple platforms – specifically email, spreadsheets, notepads, and Dropbox – making it difficult to navigate and find information quickly.

The partnership team was spending too much time trying to figure out who had access to the different platforms, which left them exposed to potential oversights when it came to fulfilling contracts.

They needed an easy-to-use platform that would allow them to enter all their partner and supplier data into one spot and access it from anywhere. 

DJR are Australia's oldest motor racing team and compete in the Supercars Championship

A single trusted platform for everything partnership related   

To aggregate their multitude of partnerships, the DJR team leveraged Kore’s Activate product. Before onboarding, a partnership team member was assigned to lead the relationship with Kore, drive implementation across the organisation, and ensure everyone was trained on best practices.  

Once implemented, Activate provided the source-of-truth the team needed for 33 of their key partners and suppliers. All previous and current records were captured to create a single trusted platform, which was valuable for the newly formed team and their partners who gained a consistent DJR brand experience when working with them. 

Time saved delivering assets and data transparency across the organisation  

With successful onboarding, KORE’s platform became a key part of the staff’s formula. The process of capturing key partnership information across the business into one platform led to multiple efficiencies both internal and external.  

Inputting information for 33 partners and suppliers in Activate provided transparency and access to accurate, historical partnership data. This allowed the new team to fulfill existing contracts as well as reference that information during the planning process for next year.

Without all their partnership information in a central platform, the partnership team would have had to go through individual PDF files and make note of every asset that needed to be delivered.

With Activate, the team easily pulled reports for each partner and each asset across multiple partners to ensure no assets – like logos on team uniforms and car branding – were left undelivered.  

Partnership excellence: improved accuracy, reporting, security and team collaboration 

Activate also made the partnership team’s daily tasks more efficient by assigning tasks to different staff and individualising each partner deal. This was an integral part of completing their deliverables with partners.

Plus, the colour system used to manage tasks within the platform sent constant reminders ensuring each task wasn’t missed. Maintaining accurate delivery records and tracking additional entitlements in a single platform simplified their end-of-season reporting. 

DJR and Shell have a partnership that stretches back more than five decades, and they recently agreed to a multi-year renewal of the deal

For DJR, it was important to have a central platform where all data, tasks, and deliverables for each of their partners was centralized and secure. Kore ensured multi-level security in a cloud-based system for both DJR and their partners’ data.

Along with data centralization and security, the reporting functionality provided an efficient way for them to see and share collective information quickly, creating more time for cross-collaboration and idea sharing, with everyone aligned on the metrics and insights. 

What’s next

The partnership team is working towards training the rest of the commercial staff in Kore’s platform. They aim to have each group within the commercial team track their day-to-day activities on the platform, improving speed and agility and maximizing creative assets.

By following this practice, they can elevate the level of service they provide to their partners, strengthen relationships, and find it easier to respond to data-driven insights and opportunities to meet their goals.  

If you're looking to improve data transparency and efficiency within your organisation, contact Kore Software for a demo.


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