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The BlackBook Pitstop Podcast: Electric Dreams

Posted: July 02 2018

The Black Book of Motorsport podcast team - Eoin Connolly, Peter Jones and Charlie Barker - are back to talk about electrification.How will first mover Formula E move forward when its Gen2 cars arrive next season? Will Moto E find a receptive audience among two-wheel fans? What can we expect from the electric age in World RX? And should Formula One issue a high-octane response?

The Pitstop Podcast: Pilot Edition - Formula One’s first year under Liberty

Posted: February 21 2018

In the first edition of a new podcast, the Black Book Motorsport team reflect on the first season of Formula One under the ownership of Liberty Media.

Where next for motorsport’s leading OEMs?

Posted: February 21 2018

How is the motorsport landscape shifting as carmakers choose between Formula One, Formula E, endurance racing and much more