WRC targets expansion in US and China

Rally championship seeking US return as early as 2025.

The World Rally Championship (WRC) is exploring an expansion into the US and China, the series event director Simon Larkin has confirmed.


  • WRC will only return to the US once it is sure event will be success
  • US being lined up for a spot on the 2025 calendar
  • Returning to China is also a high priority, but only after the US event is secured
  • An event in Argentina is also expected to join the schedule by 2025 at the latest


WRC has not raced in the US since 1988, but a return is looking more and more likely thanks to the Rally USA project based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The area was chosen as two of WRC’s current manufacturers have a presence in the region, and an event is being mooted as early as 2025.


As reported by Motorsport.com, Larkin told select media: “There is huge demand for new events to join or other events to rejoin the world championship. I don't mind admitting that the US is a strategic target of ours. Peter [Thul, WRC senior sporting director] and I have clear direction from our board and shareholders about China.

“They remain our two strategic key targets. The US is the most likely to come in 2025 and then China as quickly as we can. We are trying to find time on our schedule to go to China to do a road trip this year of a number of interested cities that we are already in discussion with.”

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The 2023 WRC season continues this weekend in Chile, with the event taking place from 28th September to 1st October.

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