World Supercross Championship to provide US$50m to support riders and teams

Promoter SX Global will provide up to US$250k to each race winner.

World Supercross Championship to provide US$50m to support riders and teams

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  • Ten teams to enter the championship
  • Inaugural calendar to run from September to November 2022
  • SX Global receives investment from Mubadala Capital for series

SX Global, manager of the brand new World Supercross Championship, has allocated US$50 million to support riders and teams over the next five years, as it seeks to get the series off the ground.

Only ten team licenses will be available to independent owners and each will come with financial support. This will include seed funding for every team entering the championship, logistics and freight support, as well as appearance fees at every race.

SX Global has also announced a prize money structure for the World Supercross Championship that will see US$250,000 awarded to the winner at every event, with that covering the series' two classes – 250cc and 450cc.

Each of the ten teams entering the World Supercross Championship will field four riders, two in each class.

The Supercross World Championship will take place annually in the second half of the year, complimenting the Supercross Championship that takes place in the US, which runs from January to May in 2022.

The World Supercross Championship will run five events between September and November in 2022, serving as a pilot series. From 2023 onwards, the calendar will expand to run from June until November.

In addition, SX Global has announced that it has received investment from Mubadala Capital, the Abu Dhabi state-backed asset management company, to bolster the series’ finances. The size of that investment not been disclosed.

"There is a massive fanbase and untapped demand for supercross outside the United States and backed by the financial support and significant resource of Mubadala Capital, we intend to feed that, bringing the sport to new regions through the most exciting and lucrative World Championship series in the history of the sport," said Tony Cochrane, president of SX Global.

"We have created an entirely new model for supercross – one that emphasises expanded financial support and opportunities for riders and teams, expanded opportunities for sponsorship and an elevated experience for fans."