‘US can sustain more than one global motorsport series’, says MotoGP CCO

Dan Rossomondo tells BlackBook that F1's US expansion doesn't mean MotoGP will avoid market.
  • The US is a “very important” target to “cultivate new fan bases”
  • MotoGP debut in India is “full speed ahead”
  • BT Sport rebrand will help British GP

The US can “sustain more than one global motorsport series”, says Dorna Sports chief commercial officer Dan Rossomondo.

Formula One has aggressively targeted the US market in recent years as part of its global expansion, with three races now taking place in the country.

Similarly, Dorna Sports, the commercial rights holder of MotoGP, sees the US as an avenue for future growth, but Formula One’s footprint in the States is not dissuading the global motorcycling series from following suit.

“I don't think [Formula One] has a stranglehold on the market,” Rossomondo told BlackBook Motorsport. 

“They're doing a heck of a job. I'm envious, of course – every time I look at their paddock, it looks like the Oscar’s red carpet. Las Vegas, from all I've heard, is going to be an unbelievable success this year, so great for them.

“But the US is a pretty big market and they can sustain more than one global motorsport event, and I think we'll be able to find our niche there for sure.”

MotoGP currently has one Stateside race at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, but the implication is that this does not need to remain at one.

When talking of “where we can bring new races”, Rossomondo picks out the United States as a “very important” target to “cultivate new fanbases”.

Expansion has been a big focus point for MotoGP, but the most recent contracts signed with Kazakhstan and India have not been as solid as one would have assumed. The inaugural Kazakhstan Grand Prix was cancelled due to ongoing homologation works, and there are rumours that India might be heading in the same direction.

Rossomondo responds: “My flights are booked. I actually was on a call earlier today trying to get one of the biggest actors in India to come to the race, so it’s full speed ahead for us.”

When asked if we would see a repeat of the Kazakhstan cancellation, he replied: “I’ll text you from Delhi.”

Next on the agenda for MotoGP, though, is the British Grand Prix. Last year saw a record-low attendance, but the series is bouncing back this year with record crowds at the likes of Le Mans, Sachsenring and Assen.

“The promoter has been really aggressive this year, we shared some learnings with him from some other successful places,” explained Rossomondo.

“I’m hoping the Jake Dixon effect from winning his Moto2 race in Assen will help us, and his enthusiasm to get people to the race will help.

“I also think BT [Sport] does a really good job, and they’re rebranding to TNT Sports that same week, so their branding effort will hopefully help us as well for that.”