Sauber and EOS pen additive manufacturing partnership

Sauber Technologies hopes the partnership will drive use of additive manufacturing across motorsports.

Sauber and EOS pen additive manufacturing partnership

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Sauber Technologies, the company devoted to bringing Sauber’s drive for cutting-edge innovation and its Formula One mindset to businesses all over the world, and EOS, a 3D printing specialist supplier for responsible manufacturing solutions, signed a three-year additive manufacturing (AM) technology partnership at the recent Grand Prix in Barcelona.

The partnership will initially focus on the optimisation and manufacturing of aerodynamic spoiler designs, end-use parts for race cars, as well as production aids. Both companies are bringing their respective longstanding industry expertise to the partnership – with the aim of jointly expanding the use of AM in motorsports.

In Formula One, innovation cycles are extremely short, thus requiring variants of a part to be adjusted and manufactured quickly. The competitive pressure is high. At the same time, the racing industry demands innovative and often unusual designs that meet the guiding principles of faster, lighter and safer.

The AM technology permits a simplified implementation of lightweight structures, as well as functional integration, at the same time drastically reducing lead time and enabling faster iterations.

Markus Glasser, senior vice president EMEA at EOS, said: “We see AM applications in Formula One for both prototyping and serial production where reproducible part quality is key. Together with Sauber we are aiming to set new benchmarks here.

“With more serial AM applications in F1, automation will be essential too, enabling higher productivity and reduced costs per part. Sauber is the first customer for polymer-based AM, integrating this into its production, including the installation of an EOS P 500 system.”

Christoph Hansen, chief operating officer of Sauber Technologies, added: “EOS and Sauber share the same passion for application-driven design and the highest quality standards, which we want to offer in motorsports and beyond. EOS’s company culture is a perfect fit for us, which is why we decided to enter this partnership.

“From a technology perspective, we co-operate with EOS because its ecosystem of partners and sister companies not only enables the end-to-end solutions we need, including automation, but provides us with highly custom solutions via [additive manufacturing customised machines].”