Report: SRX viewership drops 56% in 2023

Despite setback, ambitious plans include introduction of international event, potentially in Qatar or Saudi Arabia.

US stock car racing series Superstar Racing Experience (SRX) has seen viewership drop in 2023, but there remains ambitious plans for the three-year-old championship, as reported by Sports Business Journal (SBJ).


  • Series’ switch from network TV to cable for 2023 resulted in a 56 per cent fall in viewership, down from one million to 436,000 per race
  • Despite the fall, SRX has seen a viewership increase in the 18-49 demographic, with the average increasing to 148,000 per race
  • Viewership also grew progressively as the season went on, hitting nearly 600,000 viewers for the finale
  • SRX looking at establishing international event, possibly in Qatar or Saudi Arabia, as early as the end of this year
  • This season also saw SRX sell out four of its six races, with three of those being attendance records at the circuits


This season, SRX switched its six-race summer stint to Disney-owned ESPN, having previously aired on Paramount-owned CBS for its first two seasons. It also switched its traditional Saturday night slot to Thursday nights, which allowed for more top-level drivers from the likes of Nascar and IndyCar to take part in the fledgling series. 


George Pyne, co-founder of SRX, told SBJ: “I’d like to see an extension [of the brand] whether that’s driving schools, other types of training or competitions that are more development based, or whether that’s a race outside the US. For us, we want to focus on doing a good job on the core product and that’s been a focus so far, but eventually it’s reasonable that you’ll see some brand extensions from SRX, just like any other IP owner would have.”


With the likes of Nascar and IndyCar predominantly based in the US, and only briefing leaving the States at various points in their history, SRX spies an opportunity to bring its nascent competition to new markets. This marries well with the Middle East’s goal to expand its influence in motorsport, with Formula One, World Endurance Championship (WEC) and MotoGP all racing in Qatar and Saudi Arabia welcoming Formula One, MotoGP and Formula E.

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