Motorsport Games expands Live Fast Motorsports partnership

Racing game developer to be present in Nascar team’s garage.

Motorsport Games expands Live Fast Motorsports partnership

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  • Motorsport Games to utilise real-world data for upcoming release
  • Game developer will have access to tracks, driver feedback and key data

Racing game developer and publisher Motorsport Games has announced an expanded technical partnership with Nascar Cup Series team Live Fast Motorsports (LFM).

LFM and Motorsport Games have worked together since 2021, and this expanded partnership will give the game developer access to the Nascar grid across the 2022 season. This includes tracks, driver feedback and access to key data at the team's disposal.

Throughout the partnership, Motorsport Games will be present in the LFM garage in order to improve communication between the developer and the team.

In addition, Motorsport Games will utilise the real-life data feedback to implement directly into its next Nascar-themed game release.

"Throughout the past year, Motorsport Games has been an amazing partner to the number 78 car and we’re excited to keep the momentum going by representing the company in seven of the biggest races next season," said BJ McLeod, driver and co-owner at Live Fast Motorsports.

"I’ve always been a personal fan of video games, especially those involving my favourite sport. It’s exciting to have this opportunity to provide feedback throughout the season to help create the best Nascar game possible.

"I can’t wait to get started this season with Motorsport Games at Daytona all the way through Martinsville."

George Holmquist, vice president of publishing and marketing at Motorsport Games, added: "Motorsport Games cannot have asked for a better strategic partner than Live Fast Motorsports and we look forward to continuing our collaboration into the next Nascar season.

"BJ, Matt and the entire Live Fast Motorsports team have been fantastic partners and we cannot thank them enough for the unparalleled level of access they are giving our company.

"We will be taking our real-time on track findings directly from the team on the Nascar grid into our game designs, further exemplifying our commitment to providing our players with the most dynamic and true to life gaming experience imaginable."