McLaren F1 team partners with Sanofi

Global healthcare company signs multi-year deal with the Woking-based team.

McLaren F1 team partners with Sanofi

McLaren Racing

The McLaren Formula One team have announced a multi-year partnership with global healthcare company Sanofi. 

The partnership will see McLaren Racing collaborate with Sanofi’s Industrial Affairs team towards achieving excellence in manufacturing operations, enabling Sanofi to meet patients’ needs around the world through more effective use of its global network and support the supply of its broad portfolio.

With a unique data-driven approach through its bespoke Accelerator programme that focuses Formula One ingenuity on industrial challenges, McLaren Racing will bring their digital and analytical expertise and skills to help Sanofi teams focus on major items impacting performance, and better anticipate and resolve them.

Analysis of losses, modelling, and simulation of production line scheduling, and specifically product change-overs, will be key areas to maximise performance in Sanofi manufacturing sites.

Through McLaren Accelerator, performance-driven data can be translated into the culture and thinking of partners through collaborative projects and leave a lasting legacy. 

McLaren have successful experience in maximising performance of assets in a competitive high-pressure environment to bring speed and acceleration to change.

This was evident during the Covid-19 pandemic when, through a joint effort across McLaren Group as part of a UK industry consortium, ventilator production was accelerated from 20 per week to 400 a day, by using data to support decision intelligence, and building the foundations for operational excellence.

Beyond the technical leadership from F1, the collaboration will bring a specific focus on the people dimension of high performance.

The partnership will bring a racing mindset, emulating the competitive, fast-paced environment of Formula One to help accelerate improvements, learnings and sharing of best practices individually and collectively across sites, fostering a “one Sanofi spirit”.

This unique opportunity will marry the best of the two companies with the speed, agility, teamwork, and constant improvement required to succeed in motorsport, as well as in healthcare discoveries.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Sanofi. It is an important opportunity for two global brands who share values to work together to maximise performance through our bespoke Accelerator programme,” Zak Brown, chief executive of McLaren Racing.

“We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Sanofi to make a positive impact not only in manufacturing but to help Sanofi improve patients' lives.”

“We are thrilled to partner with McLaren and learn from their winning spirit and culture of going over and above,” said Paul Hudson, chief executive of Sanofi.

“I see a lot of commonalities in our shared values to stretch, with courage and determination, so we can maximize performance and operational excellence. We want to run our lines with the speed, precision and efficiency of an F1 racing team.”