Formula E teams up with DHL and NYC Parks for latest tree planting initiative

All-electric series plants 50 trees in Red Hook district after New York City ePrix.

Formula E teams up with DHL and NYC Parks for latest tree planting initiative

Formula E

  • Formula E continues eco efforts in NYC
  • Series also working with Unicef to highlight the impact of air pollution on children

The Formula E all-electric series has collaborated with logistics company DHL and NYC Parks to plant 50 trees following the New York City ePrix earlier this month.

The trees have been placed in the Red Hook district of New York, one of the most underserved neighbourhoods in the city and particularly susceptible to poor air quality and flooding.

In one year, the trees are expected to intercept 4,700 gallons of stormwater, conserve 5,650kWh of energy, remove 11.43lbs of air pollutants and remove 2,025 tons of CO2.

In its previous four visits to New York, Formula E has cleaned up the Hudson River by removing rubbish and plastic waste, as well as carrying out similar tree-planting schemes in other neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, Formula E and its charity partner Unicef have launched the ‘Take a Breath’ campaign to highlight the impact that air pollution has on children in order to raise awareness and drive action to improve it.

“Take a Breath is fundamental in raising awareness of air pollution and ways we can all act to reduce it,” said Formula E’s director of sustainability, Julia Palle.

“With over seven million premature deaths attributed to polluted air annually, more education and action is needed so we can all live in a cleaner and safer environment. Children are the least responsible for climate change and yet they will bear the greatest burden of its impact.

“Formula E was founded to drive emobility development and reduce emissions, and impactful partnerships and campaigns sit at the heart of our work in delivering sustainable change.

“As the first global sporting organisation to partner with Unicef, we are helping create a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable environment where children and future generations can thrive.”