Ferrari confirm shuffle of F1 personnel

Mattia Binotto will not attend all races during the 2021 season.

Ferrari confirm shuffle of F1 personnel

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  • Mattia Binotto to move from pit wall to garage
  • Inaki Rueda and Ravin Jain both promoted

Formula One team Ferrari have confirmed a reshuffle of management personnel during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend.

As a result of these changes, team principal Mattia Binotto will leave his position on the pit wall and move into the garage during race weekends.

This is due to the limited number of seats available on the pit wall, set by Formula One as seven for each team. Additionally, Binotto will no longer attend all races during the 2021 season.

As part of the reshuffle, Ferrari has promoted Ravin Jain onto its strategy team, taking a seat on the pit wall. In addition, Inaki Rueda will move into the sporting director and head of strategy position, taking over from Laurent Mekies.

"When we launched the new structure in February we said Laurent is taking the role as racing director," a Ferrari spokesman told "And Inaki Rueda was going to take the role of sporting director, while remaining the head of strategy.

"So for the first part of the season we've done a process where step-by-step Inaki was taking that responsibility, shadowing Laurent.

"Now this process has come to a point where he is fully in charge of that. And as racing director Laurent is overseeing everything that happens on the trackside.

"The other novelty is that Ravin Jain will be in charge of strategy, and he will be on the pit wall."

Jain has worked at Ferrari in the strategy department for five years. He was selected for the role though Ferrari's junior programme, the Ferrari Engineering Academy.

"He is a very young engineer, and he was selected through the Ferrari Engineering Academy," said the team spokesman. "So in his way it's in parallel to the career that Charles [Leclerc] has had in the Driver Academy.

"We are happy that you can see that people can grow up in the team and take more and more responsibility. You can have an opportunity without having to come from different teams, and so on."