F1’s Monaco GP scores 2m viewers on Sky Sports

UK pay-TV network sees 2m barrier broken for first with European race.

F1’s Monaco GP scores 2m viewers on Sky Sports

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  • Viewership peaked at 2.25m
  • Monaco qualifying is also Sky's most-watched ever for that GP with 1.03m average viewers

The recent Formula One Monaco Grand Prix became the first European race to attract an audience of more than two million for UK pay-TV giant Sky Sports.

The race around the streets of Monte Carlo achieved an average viewership of 2.01 million, peaking at 2.25 million.

The qualifying session on 28th May averaged 1.03 million viewers and peaked at 1.17 million, making it the most-watched Monaco qualification on record for Sky Sports since the broadcaster first showed the sport in 2012.

The race was won by Red Bull’s Sergio Pérez after a rain-delayed start saw proceedings get underway more than an hour behind schedule.