F1 Dutch GP promoters expecting 105k crowd

National Covid-19 restrictions set to be removed by 1st September.

F1 Dutch GP promoters expecting 105k crowd

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  • F1 set to return to Zandvoort for first time since 1985
  • Dutch pandemic restriction measures to rolled back from 5th June

The organisers of Formula One's Dutch Grand Prix have announced that they will be targeting crowds of 105,000 per day at the race in September.

Formula One will be returning to the Zandvoort circuit in 2021 for the first time since 1985. The event was slated to take place in 2020 but was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most Formula One races have been taking place behind closed doors since 2020, but with the global increase in vaccinations, some venues have been opening up to spectators, including Monaco and Spain.

The Netherlands' lockdown is expected to be lifted on 5th June, with government officials targeting all restrictions to be lifted on 1st September.

This announcement has given Dutch Grand Prix sporting director, Jan Lammers, optimism that large numbers of fans will be able to attend the event.

"It's going in a positive direction very quickly, but that in itself is not so strange," Lammers told the Dutch edition of Motorsport.com.

"Everyone knows now how to act with the virus around. And then you have the people who’ve already had corona and those who have already been vaccinated.

"If you take all of those things together, you already have a certain amount of spectators who are safe from getting the virus from someone else anyway.

"We don’t have a clear idea of how big those numbers are at the moment, but it’s looking good and that's nice."

Currently, the Netherlands has social distancing measures in place to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Lammers understands that these 1.5 metre distancing restrictions would need to be lifted in order to host 105,000 fans.

"I think logic and common sense will make that decision for us," he added.

"We need two months to get everything logistically in order. That's more or less our deadline, to be able to put up all the temporary grandstands and things like that.

"But what is happening now is the result of all the positive things that have already happened in the past few months, if not in the past year. And we can all be proud of that.

"We have seen that days like the King's Day [national holiday] have not worsened the figures. And that is a wonderful sign.

"That means that the trend will continue, perhaps even faster than we are hoping for."