F1 seeks to bolster race coverage with new AWS start analysis

New broadcast innovation was introduced during the Turkish Grand Prix.

F1 seeks to bolster race coverage with new AWS start analysis

Formula One

  • Onscreen graphic allows viewers to compare drivers' starts
  • AWS extracts telemetry data from cars to calculate and compare starts

Formula One and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have launched a new start analysis metric for race broadcasts.

First introduced at the Turkish Grand Prix on 10th October, the onscreen graphic allows audiences to see which drivers have managed a perfect start off the grid in comparison to their rivals.

The metric is calculated using drivers' reaction times between lights out and when the car begins to move, the initial acceleration phase and how long it takes the car to reach 200kph (124mph).

To gather this information, AWS extracts telemetry data from the cars and calculates the distances between them and the gap between a car and a reference point on track.

AWS' graphics have become increasingly integrated with Formula One's broadcasts during a race weekend since the pair began working together in 2018, displaying insights such as tyre performance and condition, overtaking changes, and performance predictions, as well as braking performance more recently.

‘Formula One and AWS have produced an Formula One Insight graphic that unpacks another part of the Formula One weekend,’ wrote Rob Smedley, Formula One's technical consultant, in a blog on AWS' website.

‘We will be able to go back and really get under the skin of how each driver performed at all the crucial phases of the launch. I am looking forward to being able to show how these incredible athletes can react to the start lights going out. Prepare to be surprised by just how good they are.’