Extreme E launches Twitch channel with One Earth Rising

Live video game content to promote series' sustainable message.

Extreme E launches Twitch channel with One Earth Rising

Extreme E

  • HighVoltage channel to stream daily
  • Behind-the-scenes content and competitions will also be aired

Electric SUV series Extreme E has partnered with entertainment company One Earth Rising to create a channel on video streaming platform Twitch.

The channel, which will be named HighVoltage, will stream content daily surrounding Extreme E and its sustainable message.

The channel will be populated with gaming-related content, in addition to competitions and behind-the-scenes previews.

"A big thank you to One Earth Rising for its support in getting this channel off the ground," said Ali Russel, chief marketing officer at Extreme E.

"As a championship we are targeting a younger audience, many of whom are engaged in platforms like Twitch.tv, so for Extreme E to have its own channel, HighVoltage, to engage with the demographic is fantastic.

“We hope to bring engaging content and games all in a bid to support the biggest race of our time, for our planet, which is sadly suffering from the effects of the climate crisis.”

In addition, Extreme E has entered a new partnership with sustainable brand Coral Eyewear ahead of the Ocean X Prix in Senegal.

The brand, which creates sunglasses out of recycled fishing nets, will supply the series with its products for the race in Senegal.

"As a sport for purpose series, it’s essential for us to align ourselves with people and companies that share our core values – we are therefore delighted that Coral will be supplying us with its fantastic range of sunglasses," said Russell.

"The Coral sunglasses are not only superb and will be hugely appreciated by the Extreme E team, but the company is actually dealing with an issue that we all need to be aware of, and that is taking care of our oceans by ridding them of plastic waste."

For its legacy programme in Senegal, the series is focusing its activations on beach clean-ups, as well as planting of one million mangrove trees.