Extreme E’s debut X Prix brings in 18.5m TikTok views

17.2m users on the video platform engaged with content via the #DesertXPrix campaign.

Extreme E’s debut X Prix brings in 18.5m TikTok views

Extreme E 

  • Partnership with TikTok activated by Little Dot Studios
  • Extreme E released 90-minute programme on the platform, reaching 386,000

Electric SUV series Extreme E has announced that it reached 18.5 million views on short-form video platform TikTok during its inaugural Desert X Prix.

Prior to the race, Extreme E secured a deal with TikTok to bolster its offering on the platform and reach more fans. The series worked with media agency Little Dot Studio which activated the partnership by creating behind-the-scenes content.

As well as pulling in 18.5 million views on the platform, 17.2 million users consumed content via the #DesertXPrix campaign.

To add to its content offering, Little Dot Studios and Extreme E produced a 90-minute programme on the series' TikTok account showing behind-the-scenes content, which was viewed by 386,000 users.

"These numbers are phenomenal and I’m thrilled that in our first weekend we were able to reach so many people with our unique sport for purpose," said Ali Russell, chief marketing officer at Extreme E.

"As part of the championship’s mission to keep carbon emissions to a minimum we don’t have spectators on site, and if we did, we would never reach this level of engagement purely from attendees. It just goes to show how important our digital offering is.

"A massive thank you to TikTok, Little Dot Studios and our in-house social team, these numbers are awesome and a testament to the engaging and innovative motorsport series we have created."

The partnership is set to span all five X Prix and will continue during the next race on 29th and 30th May in Senegal.