Extreme E sees audience hit 135m viewers

Series sees 30% growth on 2021 season.

Extreme E sees audience hit 135m viewers

Extreme E

The Extreme E off-road series has saw its 2022 audience hit 135 million viewers, a 30 per cent increase compared to the previous season.


  • Extreme E content scored 90.5 million viewers on linear TV and 44.5 million through digital channels
  • 71-29 split between male and female viewers, compares well with the 90-10 average in motorsport
  • Broadcast news coverage of Extreme E generated more than 900 million viewers globally and more than 30,000 press articles

Context: Extreme E is currently shown by more than 90 broadcasters in more than 200 territories worldwide. 

Comment: Ali Russell, chief marketing officer at Extreme E, said: “Our core fanbase has grown at rapid rates across multiple channels and platforms in 2022 so it’s a very assuring sign that our mix of purpose-driven mission, stunning locations, and thrilling racing action, are working well in attracting audiences.”

Coming next: Extreme E returns for its 2023 season from 11th to 12th March in Neom, Saudi Arabia.

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