Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya first F1 track to get three-star FIA green award

Sustainability accreditation handed to Spanish venue after it adopts ‘three C’ strategy.

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya first F1 track to get three-star FIA green award

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  • Circuit used 100 per cent renewable energy at last weekend's GP
  • Reusable cups have been introduced to eliminate single use plastic

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, home to Formula One's Spanish Grand Prix, has maintained the International Automobile Federation's (FIA) three-star sustainability accreditation through a series of environmental initiatives.

The circuit follows what it calls the 'three C' philosophy, tackling its sustainability goals with conscience, commitment and coherence.

Several sustainability-driven initiatives were implemented at last weekend's Formula One Spanish Grand Prix to help maintain this status.

The electricity that was used at the circuit was 100 per cent renewable, which has saved it 10.286 MWh in the last four years.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has introduced a 'zero kilometre' food programme which sees local suppliers provide food. This provides stimulation for the local economy and reduces transit distance.

In addition, uneaten food is sent to local charities under the 'Stop Waste Food' initiative.

The track has introduced reusable cups, aligning with Formula One's goals to eliminate single use plastic from the paddock.

Woodland, known as the 'Circuit Forest' surrounds the venue, with an aim to increase biodiversity and offset the carbon created. So far, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya offsets 175 tonnes of CO2 annually thanks to this woodland.

In 2020, the circuit was awarded the Biosphere Barcelona Standard for Commitment to Sustainable Tourism in recognition for the environmentally driven work it has done.