BlackBook’s latest report: How sustainable motorsport can accelerate a low-carbon future

BlackBook Motorsport speaks to major championships, Grand Prix organisers, fuel suppliers and commercial partners about how the industry is rising to the challenge of climate change.

BlackBook’s latest report: How sustainable motorsport can accelerate a low-carbon future

The motorsport industry is facing a monumental challenge. Now more than ever, sustainability must be viewed as a strategic imperative, with series under pressure to develop more sustainable practices and find ways of using their platforms to drive positive change. So far, there are a variety of solutions, including electrification, biofuels and even travelling by sea rather than air, but there is still work that needs to be done.

BlackBook Motorsport's latest report shines the spotlight on some of the biggest players making the most significant changes to advance social and environmental sustainability in the motorsport industry.

Representatives from Formula One, Formula E, Extreme E, the World Rally Championship and Airspeeder share their perspectives on initiatives they are implementing alongside other industry stakeholders such as the French Grand Prix, Bcomp, DHL and Haltermann Carless.

In addition, data providers Enovation Consulting and SponsorPulse break down the numbers and take a deep dive into the sustainability work these properties are doing from a data perspective, and what impact these strategies have on their fanbases and the wider industry.

Contributors include:

•        Julia Palle, Sustainability Director, Formula E

•        Pat Symonds, Chief Technical Officer, Formula One

•        Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer, Extreme E

•        Peter Thul, Senior Director of Sport, WRC Promoter

•        Jack Withinshaw, Chief Commercial Officer, Airspeeder

•        Eric Boullier, Managing Director, French Grand Prix

•        Johann Wacht, Manager of Motorsports and Supercars, Bcomp

•        Sabrina Kreienborg, Head of Global Sponsorships at Corporate Brand Marketing, DHL

•        Yann Labia, Global Motorsport Products Manager and Adrian Stuart, Sales Executive at Haltermann Carless

Download the full report here.